Moms Are Leading the Pack to Embrace AI

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When you think of marketing to the Mom demographic, you don’t immediately go to thoughts about the latest in tech. But one recent study indicates marketers should be thinking otherwise.

In research surveying 500 moms from Baby Boomers to Gen Z who have at least one child under age 18 at home, the surprising result showed moms are leading the way in embracing AI.

In fact, according to the study, a remarkable 54 percent of all moms report they’re using AI on a daily basis, making them faster to adopt it than any other members of the household.

Of all mothers surveyed, not surprisingly the youngest mom demographic (18-26 years old) is taking the early lead among their peers. Gen Z moms are at the forefront of incorporating AI into their daily lives, and the study showed Gen Z moms leading in all categories of use over other mom age groups.

Gen Z moms may be leading the charge. But that’s not to negate the significance of a wide demographic of mothers demonstrating considerable acceptance of AI, too, with over 50 percent of all moms saying they feel comfortable using the technology.

So what are all these moms using AI for? Most often to control variables in their homes like AC, security, and lights. Education is another popular category. All generations of moms used AI in various ways to support their children’s education.

Chores also scored high. Gen Z moms particularly love AI bots that do household chores, using them twice as often as the other groups. And Gen Z mothers are making the most of meal planning with AI, utilizing its capabilities three times more often than their cohorts.

In an interesting twist, it’s Gen X and Boomer moms who use AI for purchasing products at a higher rate than the younger mothers, perhaps because they tend to have greater loyalty to particular brands and products than millennials or Gen Z do.

Survey results also indicate there are some things moms are decidedly not willing to do on the AI spectrum. They do not feel comfortable using AI for finances, pet care, or travel planning. And less than half of mothers felt comfortable buying toys for their children that have AI features, especially involving storytelling, cloned voices, or the distribution of information.

While overall moms seem surprisingly welcoming to AI in helping to make their worlds easier, they aren’t willing to pay a higher price for it. Only 28 percent of moms would pay more for a product that had AI features built in. Find out more surprising survey results here.

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