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You know it’s all about video in today’s messaging. But can you translate that knowledge into video that grabs your audience and transforms them into engaged viewers?

A recently released report by Wistia called the 2024 State of Video says it can. In the report, the industry-leading platform for creating and hosting videos analyzed millions of minutes of content across thousands of companies, revealing what’s popular and what’s not based on the data. Here are a few of the study’s insights.

Short versus Long Content

The difference in engagement between a video of sixty seconds or under and a video of three to five minutes in length was negligible, with a 46% engagement rate for the shorter versus 43% for the slightly longer. This means you don’t have to pack your entire message into sixty seconds or less. 

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn all increased their video time limits, demonstrating that audiences are receptive to watching the slightly longer content. But going more than five minutes enters an entirely different landscape.

Instructional versus Promotional

Viewers prefer instructional video over promotional video by a landslide. People aren’t enthused about watching ads, but they do enjoy learning something. Consider the average engagement rate for a three to five minute instructional video is an impressive 74%. 

If the instructional video showcases a product, that’s even better. TikTok videos showing products being used posted increases across the board: 25% more in recall, 23% more in likeability, and a hefty 65% increase in affinity toward the brand. 

Another key is authenticity. Influencer-created product videos outperformed those produced by the brand itself. It’s all about credibility, and the influencer feels like an impartial third party.

Branding on a Budget

Even though 80% of businesses said they want to increase the video content portion of their marketing mix, 40% reported not wanting to increase their budget. How to accomplish this without sizable expenditures? State of Video offered these suggestions among others:

  • Use AI to streamline clip making. What once took two hours can now be done in minutes with recent AI technology.

  • Leverage AI for tasks like automating closed captions. According to data from TikTok, the addition of captions led to a whopping 95% increase in emotional connection, a 58% jump in recall, and 31% improvement in likeability.

  • Group content into channels. This doesn’t only result in better viewer experience, but importantly it syncs with Google’s latest algorithm, which helps your video rank well in a search.

It’s no secret that video is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to consume information. To stay ahead of the curve, discover more of the report’s findings here.


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