Amazon and the Beast: Gamer Legend MrBeast Ups His Game with Prime Video

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It’s a lot more than just a game, it’s big business, and no one knows this better than MrBeast – one of the most viewed YouTube creators on the planet, boasting a following that exceeds 245 million subscribers.

If that’s not enough, now Jimmy Donaldson, the real person behind the persona known as MrBeast, is upping his game in a new deal reached with Amazon Prime Video to host a reality competition game show. 

Known best for his extravagant giveaways on YouTube, “Beast Games” will dangle a similarly extravagant carrot, a cash prize to one winner in the amount of $5 million – believed to be the largest single prize payout in television history. Would MrBeast’s brand have it any other way?

While details of the competition haven’t been made public, what we do know is that 1,000 contestants will vie for the coveted $5 million in cash in what’s being described as a “fast-paced and high-production format.” MrBeast himself will host Beast Games and also serve as the show’s executive producer. It will air worldwide exclusively on Prime Video.

In the twelve-month period between June 2022 and 2023, MrBeast hauled in an estimated $82 million gross, more than twice the earnings of any other digital creator, with his crowning achievement being a 2021 reenactment of Squid Games that awarded its winner $446,000 and raked in a record 588 million views – a figure which is still growing. 

Not surprisingly, MrBeast’s ambition is “to make BeastGames the biggest reality competition series ever,” according to Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios. Said Jimmy in a statement, “My goal is to make the greatest show possible and prove YouTubers and creators can succeed on other platforms. Amazon gave me the creative control I need to try and make it happen.” Donaldson added he hopes to “make the YouTube community proud.”

In fairness, MrBeast’s brand isn’t solely about big money. He has also done a considerable amount of philanthropy through supporting various charities and via his own foundation. To find out more about this startling YouTube sensation, keep reading here.

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