Top Social Media Trends to Watch in 2024

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Ringing in the New Year is right around the corner, and gearing up for another revolution around the sun inevitably invites a host of predictions. What will 2024 bring in the dynamic world of social media?

Leading global social media management firm, Hootsuite, has some answers. Here’s their take on the 16 most important trends you should pay attention to in the coming year.

Number One on their predictions list is text-only posts will be the sleeper hit of the year, with X continuing to dominate in this category.

The disruption of the platform formerly known as Twitter, although temporary, allowed space for competitors to enter the field (think Mastodon, Threads). But according to Hootsuite, “the popularity of these new competitors has made one thing clear: the people are hungry for text, and not just on text-based platforms.” Don’t count Twitter out, as Elon Musk’s platform remains strong. X boasts a user base exceeding 540 million, a figure expected to reach 650 million over the next five years.

Another prediction is longer videos will make a big comeback. Longer is the new short. Bear in mind “longer” means two to five minutes, not full length videos – although these will remain in demand as well, if not grow in popularity. The big social platforms all continue to increase their maximum video lengths. Instagram Reels now allows 15 minutes, and TikTok keeps testing similar increases. A subscription to X now permits users to share videos up to two hours long.

Longer videos will also be in vogue as users increasingly look to social media sources to answer questions they might otherwise Google. So content creators need enough time to provide in-depth explanations to cover their subject. Further, more people are turning to social channels to occupy their spare time, even watching full length movies on social media outlets.

In other predicted news, TikTok Shop will spark a re-emphasis on authenticity in 2024, says Hootsuite. “ForYouPage” rapidly shot to popularity and fast became a shopping app when TikTok Shop saw its US release this year. While TikTok will remain at the forefront of the social shopping trend, concerns over scams and knockoffs have created some doubt over the sincerity of influencers. Platforms will need to take these concerns seriously to preserve credibility.

Hootsuite posts thirteen other trends poised to shape the social media landscape in the new year, from BeReal disappearing to who’s going to become the next super app. Find out what to expect, and how you can be ready to capitalize on it by reading more here.

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