How a Tumbler Grabbed Century-Old Company Viral Success

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Move over Cuppa Joe. This Cuppa Jane made marketing history by putting its product into the spotlight using some of the most powerful shoppers on the planet: women influencers.

Known as the Stanley Quencher or dubbed the “Stanley Cup,” the 20, 30, or 40 ounce thirst buster can keep liquids hot or cold for hours. Traditionally the 110 year-old company marketed outdoorsy products to campers and hikers. A typical customer profile was a retired veteran or 30-year police officer. They had no inclination of marketing to mainstream h20 consumers andbarely had women on their radar.

But three women influencers changed all that, bringing the company not only to the 21st century,but to the mainstream of social media fame with an entirely new demographic.

“Any brand on the planet that isn’t marketing to the 25 to 50 year-old woman is really missing the mark,” said Ashlee LeSueur, one of the three founders of The Buy Guide, a popular online shopping blog and Instagram account which LeSueur started in 2017 with Linley Hutchinson and Taylor Cannon. “Those are the buyers of our economy. They buy for their families, they buy for their husbands, they buy for their businesses.”

The hosts of The Buy Guide were early lovers of the Stanley Cup. Seeking products that supported a healthy daily lifestyle, the trio appreciated the cup’s ability to retain heat or cold for so long, how it fit into most car cupholders, and that it was dishwasher safe. They quickly took the water tumbler viral, amassing around 20 million views.

“Women talking to women and referring creates a lot more trust in the product and the brand,”said Namrata Shah, a partner and global head of consumer and beauty at PERLab.

The Buy Guide’s following is comprised of nearly 98 percent women, primarily ages 35 to 44. “We just sat down with the executive team and were like, ‘You’re marketing this cup to the wrong people,” said Hutchison. “We told them this cup was a daily-use item….And it needed to look good in people’s homes and kitchens, with their outfits, and not just in the great outdoors.”

The makers of the Stanley Quencher have since produced cups with etched designs and a wide array of color choices. It’s even been marketed as a collector’s item, with limited edition offerings. The company has seen a whopping 275 percent year-over-year increase in sales of the viral cup, and a 215 percent increase in its now best-selling category of hydration products.

Consumers have “taken over” the media frenzy, reposting their own TikTok videos that account for some 700 million views, all customer generated.

But Stanley’s leadership now realizes they can’t “rest on their laurels” and expect the current wave not to crest. How will they maintain momentum? Keep reading here.

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