Toys for Big Kids – Kidults Playing a Big Influence in Holiday Shopping

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Have you been a good Kidult this year? The answer becomes increasingly relevant as more adults are showing up on Santa’s naughty or nice list. This holiday season is no exception.

“Kidults” are grownups who enjoy buying items or participating in activities traditionally intended for children – whether it’s computer games, movies, or building with LEGOs. Kidults are a growing sector of shoppers, and they’re not ashamed to admit it.

They’re also influencing this year’s Christmas retail season. New consumer research from the Toy Association indicates 89 percent of parents also plan to buy toys for grown-ups, be it themselves or someone else on their list.

Over half the men surveyed – 53 percent — said they intend to treat themselves to a toy, and so will 48percent of millennial parents under age 40. Nearly 20 percent plan to purchase toys for an aging relative this Christmas.

Kidults say they’re not embarrassed about their choices. This is because 79% claim there’s no longer the same stigma toward the idea of adults enjoying kids’ pastimes, especially regarding a love for cartoons, trading cards, or even playing with an iconic toy past a certain age.

The appeal of nostalgia is one factor driving popularity of specific toys and brands, with 40 percent of Kidults reporting they’re more likely to buy toys for their children that they played with during their own childhoods.

Spending more time engaging in play with their children is another factor. “Our findings indicate that parents are looking for….toys that will bring the entire family together through play,” notes Adrienne Appell, Executive Vice President of Marketing Communications for the Toy Association.

She added that 64 percent of parents are hoping to connect with their children more this Christmas, driving their choice for toys or games that can be enjoyed as a family. She also echoed the Kidulting trend, asserting that 43 percent of parents plan to buy toys for themselves.

Toys that educate, especially in STEM areas, and toys that support good mental health also fall high on parents’ wish lists this year. To find out what else is trending in Santa’s workshop, keep reading here.

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