Seeing the Streaming Future Through Smart Glasses

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They’re not something out of a 007 movie. Ray Ban’s Meta Smart Glasses can take calls, play music, and livestream from your face. It’s the next generation of Ray Ban’s “Stories Glasses” with some new technological twists.

In 2021, Facebook teamed up with Ray Ban to launch the newest in high tech glasses. They were dubbed “Ray Ban Stories” and were designed to let wearers take photos and videos up to 30 seconds long, using a capture button or hands-free voice command through Facebook Assistant.

It was supposed to be the first giant step into the exploratory world of the Metaverse – only the product didn’t become the widespread craze Facebook hoped it would.

This time its makers are targeting the smart glasses to a more specific market segment: the tech lover and content creator, and in particular, streamers. This latest version will allow wearers to stream video directly to Facebook and Instagram. There will also be a function letting viewers to speak to you as you stream.

According to LowPass, makers of a filter that removes high frequency sounds from an audio signal, “Live streamers will be able to directly communicate with their audience, with the glasses relaying comments via audio over the built-in headphones.”

Since Meta has previously leaned on Instagram influencers to promote Ray Ban smart glasses, “this new feature could be a pretty big draw for that crowd.”

As the influencer crowd and streaming world continues to grow, so does the opportunity to share content through this new medium. Meta is counting on tapping into that craze.

Young consumers who grow up surrounded by celebrity influencers and the desire to emulate them could comprise a fertile market for Meta’s product. Meta believes the smart glasses’ direct streaming capability could be the path to widespread popularity for the high tech Ray Bans this time around.

The Smart Glasses may be the precursor to Meta’s full feed AR glasses that are still in development, which Meta hopes will be their eventual evolution. If this latest version catches on, influencers may soon be promoting products through the eyes of their Ray Ban smart lenses. Read more here.

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