Can AI Make Us Better Leaders?

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The list of ways AI could possibly be used to make our lives easier is careening off the presses. The latest thought process takes a look at the newest idea: can AI help improve our leadership skills?

Chris Wollerman, CEO of Inspire Software, says emphatically yes, we can enhance leadership through technology embedded with artificial intelligence. The trick is to use tailored AI that produces useful material for your specific needs.

The old computer adage about garbage-in-garbage-out holds true with AI technology. Some of the skill comes into play by inputting correct prompts that will yield applicable results. If your question is too vague, so will your answer be.

Another key component for success is to use AI designed for your industry or specific function. This involves utilizing software tailored to your system – which is where technology like Chris Wollerman’s Inspire Software comes in.

“It’s all about the prompt engineering that feeds the AI,” he says. “The results are only as good as the prompt provided, and most users will not know how to write a prompt to create a high quality goal or conversation. Inspire Software does the prompt work behind the scenes to integrate your expert guidance.” He referred to this process as writing SMART OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Wollerman’s example showed how AI could produce material to address three typical leadership dilemmas faced by managers: being too busy to devote time to goal-setting and follow-up, not integrating new strategies learned into daily workflow, and navigating the challenges of a hybrid team.

With the use of tailored software, the AI was able to streamline the goal-setting process by generating specific, quantifiable objectives. It further reduced time by helping leaders integrate data into their processes using SMART OKRs. Since the entire procedure is automated, the ability to share with a hybrid team becomes easier.

If you’re a manager or other team member worried about being replaced by AI, researcher Josh Bersin says there is no reason for concern. “The only people who will lose their jobs to AI,” he says, “are those who ignore it and fail to learn it.”

Whether AI will become as commonplace and innocuous as the smart phone. or eventually overextend its reach in our daily lives remains up for debate. In the meantime, you can read more about how to use AI to enhance your leadership system here.

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