Return of the Hamburglar and Other McDonald’s Nostalgia

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Who else would McDonald’s use to promote a revamp of their classic burger choices, than the classic Mickey D’s villain himself?

The infamous Hamburglar – a masked bandit whose sole mission is to steal the burger giant’s savory sandwiches – has returned to covet the latest of McDonald’s new-and-improved products, which include twists on classics like the Big Mac, the Double Cheeseburger, and the Hamburger.

McDonald’s says they’ve upgraded the familiar burgers with extra Big Mac sauce, meltier cheese, as well as softer buns and a tastier grilling process.

First breaking onto the scene in 1971 as Ronald McDonald’s nemesis, the Hamburglar himself has been suspiciously quiet since his last appearance in 2015, when McDonald’s released the nostalgic character to promote their limited-time sirloin burger. The character’s persona was updated in that campaign to be portrayed by an adult male in a trench coat with an edgier twist. However, the 2023 version resurrects the classic fictional thief with a return to his caped costuming and original characterization.

“Our classic burgers are what made McDonald’s famous. They’ve become a cultural icon over the years,” said Tariq Hassan, USA Chief Marketing and Customer Experience officer for McDonald’s. “We saw the opportunity to make a few changes in our kitchens to make them even more delicious and get back to what people loved most about them in the first place.”

He continued, “To get the word out, we’re bringing back a McDonald’s favorite – the Hamburglar – because what better way to show just how good they are than to turn the most notorious burger thief loose in our marketing campaign….as he tries to get his hands on the best burgers ever.”

Capitalizing on nostalgia is not new in 2023, and emerged as a prominent marketing theme during the pandemic when people longed for a return to happier times. Nostalgia can evoke powerful emotions and deliver a potent appeal to consumers, rendering it an effective marketing ploy if not overused.

If making us remember something we loved from the past is McDonald’s aim, the Hamburglar seems to rank high on the popularity scale. He may be scoping out a location near you, as the campaign rolls out first on the west coast and spreads across the nation completely by 2024. Will the nefarious burger thief make us love the new twists on our cherished classics? Continue reading here.

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