Something Phishy? New Study Says Consumers Prefer Generic Messages over Personalized Ones

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A recent study by Pantheon entitled “How—and Why—You Need to Build Customer Trust” says more people prefer generic communications over personalized ones.

While this conclusion raises interesting questions, another major finding of the study sounds more plausible. It asserts that most consumers are willing to share their personal data if it’s with a brand they trust – but if they feel they’re being spammed, they will disengage.

The study indicated almost half of customers avoid sharing personal data by checking out as guests online. By going this route, there’s no need to create a customer profile and consequently no need to delve deeply into personal information. By keeping their vendors at an arm’s distance, consumers can maintain a more anonymous relationship.

This line of thinking helps explain the study’s finding that consumers prefer to keep communications generic, even while most advertisers strive to add a personal touch to their messaging. Some 64% of respondents said they prefer the generic messaging over personalized communications, and 48% reported they avoid personalization because they don’t want to be tracked.

As a marketer, it all comes down then to building brand trust with your customers. Fifty one percent of respondents said they stopped engaging with a brand after a negative experience. On the bright side, 81% were willing to give a brand a second chance.

Incentive was also a factor, with 65% of consumers saying they’re willing to exchange information to receive discounts and coupons.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 consumers in the US and United Kingdom. To find out what additional insights into the customer’s psyche were revealed, keep reading here.

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