How to Work, Exercise, and Save the Planet all at Once

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It’s what’s current in the brave new world of – office furniture. A new product by Acer for remote or onsite workers will have multitaskers cheering and overachievers giving their stamp of approval.

It’s a new year and the latest in work desk technology has arrived on the market. Known as the “Desk Bike” (or eKinekt BD 3), this revolutionary product allows users to work from their computer while pedaling bicycle wheels located at the base of the desk. Effectively, you can work and exercise at the same time.

What’s more, the pedaling action is designed to produce modest amounts of kinetic energy that can charge small electronic devices from the desk. So technically users are helping to produce clean energy and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.

Acer says their mission with the Desk Bike is to “empower more sustainable and healthier lifestyles,” by eliminating concerns about sitting for extended periods of time when working at a computer. Now workers can produce on the job while still getting in some exercise, without even stopping by the gym. And all while pitching in with clean energy to save the earth. This is what multitasking looks like in 2023.

Two settings on the Desk Bike let users select a more leisurely or more intense workout. An accompanying smartphone app shares stats on how long a rider has cycled, how many calories were burned, and how many watts of power were generated in the process. USB ports allow users to plug in multiple devices at the desk.

This pinnacle of productivity does come with a burly price tag. Models start at $999 and are expected to drop in North America in June. The desk bike will also debut in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Taiwan.

As unique as the Desk Bike may sound, a similar predecessor has populated airports and train stations across Europe in recent years. To find out more about this working/biking/clean energy-creating technology, keep reading here.

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