King Tut Exhibit Combines Old with the New

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The 100-year anniversary celebration of King Tut’s tomb discovery will come in a presentation that combines the allure of ancient Egypt with the high tech flair of modern immersive technology.

In National Geographic’s centennial event that’s taking to the nation, visitors can anticipate special effects like projection mapping, digital exhibits, and virtual reality, adding a modern element of “entertainment” to take viewers beyond the typical museum experience.

While walking visitors through the life of King Tut and his untimely death at age 19, viewers will encounter replicas of artifacts, explore a projection-mapped concept of the world of ancient Egyptian afterlife, and follow a virtual reality tour of the famous Pharaoh’s tomb.

The exhibit is currently showing in Washington and New York, and will come to other major US cities this year. National Geographic describes it as an “Instagram friendly” museum-like experience, catering to photo opportunities and social media sharing.

Creative Director for the experience, Mark Lach, says he expects the high tech style to become more common in the future, as museums gravitate toward marrying technology with exhibits to provide more immersive experiences. While curators “don’t want the museum to look like Disney World,” they seek a balance of imparting educational historic value with an entertainment element.

The state-of-the-art exhibit also delves into the mysteries surrounding the young king’s death, revisits the fanfare of the 1922 tomb excavation, and illuminates the significance of the findings to modern Egypt – where the artifacts are once again coming to rest after years of touring.

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