All Eyes on TikTok for Big Tech Companies

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What are tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google doing on TikTok these days? Growing their social media profiles there, of course.

While this move might sound counterintuitive, even Big Tech can’t ignore the exploding popularity and reach of TikTok’s influence, especially when targeting the next generation – which is precisely what they aim to do.

“Younger audiences are usually in ad-free environments, so where are they going to be exposed to things like Microsoft?” said Hanna Kahlert, an analyst at Midia Research specializing in social media, cultural, and consumer trends. “Technology companies are going [to TikTok] because it’s the best way to reach them.”

Search engine usage on Google decreased in 2021, while TikTok reigned the most popular internet domain, beating out,, and, according to Cloudfare, an internet hosting provider.

Further, TikTok became the world’s third largest social network last year behind Facebook and Instagram, says Insider Intelligence, and is estimated to have 755 million monthly users around the globe in 2022, with a market share topping 20%.

Tech giants recognize they must engage younger audiences to retain their powerhouse status in the future. “It becomes a question of ‘Where else are you going to reach these younger consumers and generate a bit of awareness?’” said Kahlert.

Brian Easter, co-founder of Nebo Agency, a marketing firm in Atlanta, warned big tech firms could miss out on connecting with younger audiences if they don’t invest in content creation. “It’s about making sure that your brand is building and winning hearts and minds wherever the users are at.”

So far, big tech companies are having success creating content around existing trends on TikTok, often relating to corporate humor and professional advice, since younger audiences don’t respond well to specific products and services.

Will TikTok ultimately emerge as the giant in the industry, or simply offer another alternative to existing platforms? A certainty is the world of tech remains an ever changing and evolving realm to watch.  Read more here.

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