2022 Shapes Up to be a Monster Halloween

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After two years of pandemic woes draining the life out of Halloween festivities, analysts say consumers are ready for a monster of a celebration this year.

According to the party store retail chain, Party City, all signs are a go for big consumer spending on everything from decorations to costumes to tableware and special effects.

“With Halloween getting canceled again for a second year in a row last year, people are ready to celebrate this year,” said Odette Welling, the retailer’s vice president. “And it’s not just adult parties…it’s schools, too, and people looking for ways to go beyond the ‘trick or treat.’”

Far beyond putting up decorations, people want to “create experiences for their families and friends – they want to make memories,” according to Welling.

An uptick in sales of tableware points to the prospect of more parties hosted indoors, adding in theme related games, food, and drink. Popular costumes this year revolve around movie hits such as Top Gun Maverick and Jurassic Park. “We’re pretty sure we’ll see whole families dressed as dinosaurs,” Welling said.

Other popular looks will be punk, glam with gore, and lots of fairies with an edgy twist. “Some women want to look beautiful but scary at the same time,” she noted. A fast growing market sector is Halloween makeup, thanks to the prevalence of tutorials online.

The party retailer hired 20,000 additional seasonal associates in anticipation of this year’s demand. “This is our Superbowl,” she explained. Will Halloween 2022 live up to the hype? Read more here.

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