Gardening Apps Give Everyone a Green Thumb

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If you’re one of those individuals who inadvertently kills plants despite your best efforts, and you have accepted a fate that avoids all things gardening, help has arrived.

While it seems like there’s an app for just about everything today, now there’s a plethora of gardening apps on the market you can download just in time to guide you through the summer season. Armed with this technology, you, too, can have a yard filled with colorful flowers and thriving plants.

With the help of these popular gardening apps, you can identify plants, access ideal watering schedules and optimum sunlight conditions, learn how to troubleshoot against pests and plant diseases, consult with expert horticulturists, and even enjoy gardening video games if you just wish to garden vicariously.

Gardening is a wildly popular activity that compromises a billion dollar industry in the US alone. It’s also been shown to host numerous wellness benefits. Whether your goal is to raise fresh herbs, plant flowers, grow organic vegetables, or build some serious raised garden planters, here are 7 top-rated apps to serve as your best friend throughout the process.

LeafSnap – This app can recognize up to 90 percent of all known plants and trees in existence. Upload a photo of your plant and LeafSnap will tell you everything you need to know to give it optimal care.

Smart Plant Home – One of the best perks of this gardening app is that it sets up a care calendar to remind you precisely when to water your plant or perform other advisable maintenance tasks. It boasts problem solving and troubleshooting features, and offers access to expert horticulturists from around the world.

iNaturalist – iNaturalist is like downloading a gardening community. It’s a network created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic. It helps you identify not only your plants, but all the related species in your ecosystem including birds and bugs. You can even choose to let your uploaded photos be used for scientific research purposes.

Planter – The Planter app is your own personal instructor that gives you step-by-step detailed advice about planting a garden, like how deep to put particular seeds in the ground, how much time is needed to harvest, how much water is ideal, and even what plants are good companions to help to ward off common diseases.

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