Why L.L. Bean is Shunning all Social Media Activity for Mental Health Awareness Month

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The famous retail outfitter, L.L. Bean, announced they’re taking a vacation from social media and so should we.

The blackout is set to last the entire month of May, during which time the clothier and outdoor supplier will not post to any social media platforms. The move comes in support of Mental Health Awareness Month, and to encourage customers to prioritize time to reconnect with the great outdoors for its many health and wellness benefits.

In honor of their pause on social media communications, L.L. Bean left this simple message on their Instagram account, “Gone fishin’ – see you on June 1.”

L.L. Bean’s executive chairman, Shawn Gorman, who is the grant grandson of the L.L. company namesake, said in this recent statement, “For more than a century, L.L. Bean has helped enable people to get outside, based on the belief that experiences in nature help bring out the best in us.”

Gorman noted how our natural refresh after spending time outdoors is backed by science. “Now research confirms what we have always felt intuitively: going outside is critical for our individual and collective well-being.” He said the company is enthused to partner with Mental Health America to help more people benefit from the restorative power of outdoor activity.

In a step further, last week L.L. Bean announced they would provide a $500,000 grant as part of a two-year partnership with Mental Health America. The project aims to reach people in local communities with outdoor programs that promote mental health.

It’s a timely message following the extended lockdowns and associating isolation that Americans are eager to emerge from. Said President and CEO of Mental Health America, Schroeder Stribling, “Even a simple walk outside can lower your risk of depression, strengthen cognitive function, and increase focus.”

Marketers hail the brand move by L.L. Bean, who specializes in selling clothing and gear primarily focused on outdoor recreation. Will other industry brands follow suit? Read more here.

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