Why Every Marketer Should Take a Look at TikTok

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Short, snappy video content is in demand and consumers are viewing it by storm. Whether it’s YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, or Pinterest Posts, chances are you’re already watching this type of content.

With TikTok’s enormous reach, those 15 seconds done skillfully can potentially drive tens of thousands of new leads to a creator’s profile. Considering the average viewer consumes 112 minutes of TikTok content each day – that’s nearly two hours of watching – it’s worth a look at how to use this platform effectively. Here are some great ways to do it.

Make your brand memorable through storytelling. To achieve a video that evokes high viewership and shares, excellent storytelling is vital. Storytelling creates an experience for viewers. That includes everything from the captions you use, to the movement, the lighting, the expressions on the creator’s face, and the delivery.

How can you make your story stand out from others in your industry? An example is the newspaper reporter who broadcasts from under his desk, or the yoga instructor who practices in a tree instead of a studio. The video that viewers still remember tomorrow is the one that makes an impact on the platform and translates to leads.

Tell a complete story in 15 seconds. One way to accomplish this challenge is to employ the Problem, Agitation, Solution, Outcome formula. Write a sentence for each element, then boil that down to a one-sentence summary.

Another popular method is the Hero’s Journey. Our character goes on an adventure or experience, learns a lesson, achieves a victory, and ends transformed or with newfound knowledge. Don’t delve too deeply into character development since your journey must be conveyed in those critical 15 seconds.

Quality reigns over quantity. While this seems inherent to the platform, posting five amazing videos is better than posting 50 mediocre ones that garner little hoopla. Build your brand by ensuring every video reflects excellence, from the audio quality to the content value.

Are hashtags still necessary with TikTok’s improved algorithms? How do you make the most of the 300 characters in your caption? To maximize your TikTok finesse, keep reading here: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/tiktok-storytelling-how-to-stand-out-from-the-crowd/.

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