Denny’s Crafts Promo Around New ‘Matrix’ Movie

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Denny’s is aiming to ride the wave of excitement over the much anticipated new Matrix movie installment, hoping to capitalize on the enthusiasm to point customers to their digital capabilities in online ordering and delivery.

During the promotion in partnership with the movie franchise, Denny’s will offer free delivery for a limited time on orders received through their website or mobile app. Denny’s Rewards members will “enter the Matrix” and be eligible to experience “glitches” that result in movie-inspired offers in their digital wallets. These “glitches” will produce random rewards such as free menu items or special discounts.

The ubiquitous family restaurant that has roots in the US going all the way back to 1953, is striving to reach customers in the digital age, promote awareness and use of their online ordering features, and garner a following among the next generation of customers. The delivery aspect of the promo also takes aim at customers who may still be reticent to eat in restaurants and would benefit from home delivery.

Denny’s is using its rewards platform to capitalize on the popularity of “The Matrix Resurrections” in an effort to engage with customers around popular culture – a strategy that has held increasing importance among restaurant marketers. Denny’s has previously conducted campaigns on video game platforms to connect with customers and offer food discounts.

The Matrix promo will extend into early 2022, bolstering Denny’s efforts to revamp their digital experience with customers, which include a new app, personalized profiles, and a digital wallet for the rewards program. The company’s chief brand officer, John Dillon, says the tie-in allows Denny’s to amplify its transformation around digital ordering, delivery, and its loyalty program, while saying true to its brand. “Creating personalized experiences for our guests has been an important part of our brand equity for nearly 70 years.”

One has to hand it to Denny’s for surviving almost 70 years in the restaurant industry – a feat rarely achieved in this market sector. Will their transformation into the digital world carry them through several more decades? Read the full article here:

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