Anheuser-Busch Goes Blue with Creation of Private Caribbean Island

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Will Corona Island be the next Caribbean destination of choice? According to a recent release, Anheuser-Busch InBev (the company’s arm which markets Corona beer outside the US) will unveil “Corona Island” in the spring of 2022, to be a private island branded experience.

But if you think Corona Island will be all about partying, think on a loftier plane. While the popular beer will definitely be flowing, Anheuser-Busch is taking great pains to achieve the coveted “Blue Verified” designation for environmental consciousness on the island, and hopes to emphasize responsible tourism and sustainability.

The “Blue Verified” mark from NGO Oceanic Global tracks factors such as eliminating single-use plastic products and utilizing responsible waste management practices.  Anheuser-Busch aspires to make Corona Island the first fully Blue Verified island by early next year.

The clever marketing formula maintains Corona’s core appeal in associating their beverage with the long-running theme of relaxation on a tropical beach. It ups the ante by adding a call for sustainability into the mix, and speaks to the concerns of COVID-cautious travelers who may currently prefer a less crowded vacation destination and experience.

Besides the island’s inherent tropical beauty and natural appeal, Corona is considering a number of activities to support the Blue theme, including meditation sessions set to natural island sounds, workshops on living without plastic, and culinary programming featuring the locale’s organic offerings.

Corona Island’s inaugural visitors will be the Grand Prize winner and nine lucky guests from a Charity Buzz auction running now through December 14, with proceeds to benefit Oceanic Global. The ten guests will receive an all-expense paid week-long private stay.

“Corona Island is unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” said Felipe Ambra, who is global vice president for Corona. He added, “We’re inviting people from around the world to come together and combine education with responsible tourism. Our hope is that when guests return home, they’ll have fallen in love with nature again.”

Is Corona Island a template for vacations of the future? Will this model have sustainable appeal to travelers? To learn more, continue reading here:

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