Campbell’s Partners with Universal Music Group, Dangles $20K Prize in New Ad Campaign

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Campbell’s iconic slogan “Mmm Mmm Good” is evolving into “Mmm Mmm Records” as the venerated company makes its entry into the music genre in a new branding promotion. 

For a limited time, Campbell’s is partnering with Universal Music Group (UMG) by placing QR codes on selected soup can labels. The cans will be identified with the “Mmm Mmm Records” slogan and contain codes that unlock new songs from artists on the UMG record label, as well as recipes and behind-the-scenes content.

To further the effort, Campbell’s is launching a “Sounds Good Tonight” contest where entrants can submit cooking-inspired songs for a chance to partner with Campbell’s and win $20,000. “Sounds Good Tonight” represents a tie-in to another of Campbell’s well known ad campaigns that pays homage to the dinner table, “What sounds good tonight?” Contestants can go to to find a sound kit where they can remix and create new musical content.

The move by the soup giant is part of a continuing strategy to modernize its brand while connecting the company’s rich American history with a new generation of consumers. After recently redesigning their labels for the first time in 50 years, Campbell’s aims to continue to embrace “comfort, goodness, and Americana.” The first Campbell’s soup appeared in 1898.

In a recent survey commissioned from Dynata, Campbell’s noted that 73% of people cooking at home listen to music during meal preparation. One third of respondents cited music as a source that inspires them in the kitchen. 

Linda Lee, Campbell’s CMO for Meals and Beverages, reiterated this concept. “How music can single-handedly set a mood is undeniable,” she said. “Partnering with UMG and their artists to create music that inspires American home cooks is a unique opportunity for Campbell’s to bring a bit of inspiration to those daily dinner dilemmas.”

With over 200 recipe ideas on their site, Campbell’s hopes you’ll be inspired to put one of their offerings on your menu. Will the campaign connect with today’s consumers and put more soup on the table? To learn more and find contest details, keep reading here:

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