Slinky Set to Debut on Social Media with Contest for New Winning Jingle

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In honor of National Slinky Day, the maker of the classic toy that was first introduced to America in the 1950’s is taking it to the influencers. And what better way to acquaint the younger demographic with the timeless fascination that is Slinky, than running an interactive social media campaign on TikTok and Instagram?

Fans of the iconic slinky toy, or simply wannabe creators, can become enshrined in Slinky fame by jumping in on the contest to compose Slinky’s new winning jingle, which will eventually be used in a national advertising campaign. 

In the publicity effort, Slinky employs a mix of word-of-mouth strategy and influencer marketing, in a slew of thirty second videos on TikTok and Instagram that show flashbacks to their classic ads from the 50’s intermixed with modern video of today’s adults enjoying Slinky antics. 

The ads inform viewers how to submit entries, directing hopefuls to a SoundCloud page where they will find features of a jingle they can remix with their own composition, and post online with the hashtag #SlinkyRemix, along with a mention of the @original_slinky handle.

A number of participants will receive a free pack of Slinky swag, while one lucky winner will land the national advertising spot. The brand is hoping to capitalize on the nostalgia of veteran Slinky lovers while piquing the interest of a new generation of fans. To learn more about the “big things to come from a true original,” continue reading here:

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