Subway Teams Up with Superstar Sports Celebs to Boost Their “Eat Fresh Refresh” Rebranding Effort

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Subway is betting on star athletes to up its marketing game, along with major menu updates and a “surround-sound” advertising strategy, in a campaign they’ve dubbed the “Eat Fresh Refresh.”

With a starting lineup that includes tennis champ Serena Williams, football G.O.A.T. Tom Brady, basketball legend Steph Curry, and soccer activist, Megan Rapinoe, Subway is launching what it refers to as its “never ending creative campaign” to rebrand itself and reinspire customers who comprise a market share that saw a 13% decrease since 2013. 

Spokespeople for the sandwich chain say these athletes were chosen because they’ve demonstrated ways to constantly up their game, and remain powerful, relevant players at the top of their industries. Subway aims to do the same.

In another component of the refresh, the subway sandwich giant is rolling out one of the largest menu updates in its own history. Over 20 changes to the menu have already been implemented with others to come. Some of these changes will include new or reimagined ingredients such as smashed avocado, fresh mozzarella, parmesan vinaigrette, hickory-smoked bacon, new steak seasoning, rotisserie-style chicken seasoned with a secret Subway rub, and a new type of Angus beef offering.

The overall refresh strategy is accompanied by an updated visual identity which includes store remodels, a revamp of its digital ordering system, and the introduction of direct delivery – a service which became essential to stay relevant to customers’ needs during COVID periods. 

CMO Carrie Walsh says the firm is leaving no stone unturned in “surrounding” the consumer with their message, which incorporates 11 pieces of unique TV creative where each video cuts off, emphasizing how “there’s more to come.” 

Walsh continues to explain how the chain is surrounding the consumer with their messaging, including utilizing new outlets. “We tried gas station TV, we bought the waiting page on Roku. We just tried to surprise guests with all of the different ways we were surrounding them…with all of the different pieces of our message.”

Walsh noted that, while the athletes embody Subway’s campaign theme of relevance and staying at the top of their game, the athletes are the supporting cast, while the food is the true hero of the show. To read more about how Subway’s strategy is resonating with customers, continue here:

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