Tide Detergent Brand Offers Loads of Hope through  Free Laundry Facilities Opening in LA’s Skid Row

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As part of Procter & Gamble’s social awareness “Lead with Love” campaign, the multinational consumer goods corporation has pledged to complete 2,021 acts of good during 2021. And the first one will begin with doing laundry.

P&G is putting its iconic Tide Laundry Detergent brand front and center of a project entitled “Tide Loads of Hope Laundry Room,” by opening up a space to offer free laundry services to the burgeoning homeless population in Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

Tide teamed up with the human services organization, The Midnight Mission, to open the permanent free laundry facility in downtown LA. But it’s not the first time Loads of Hope has appeared on the scene. Originally launched in 2005, Tide initially provided its service to victims of Hurricane Katrina, and then focused on offering the free facilities to assist victims of subsequent natural disasters. Since that time, Loads of Hope Laundry Room has helped over 90,000 families in both the US and Canada. 

As a corollary to opening of the LA facility, Tide is the presenting sponsor of a three-part documentary series entitled, “The Tent Mender,” focusing on the homeless experience in LA’s Skid Row neighborhood. It will stream on Amazon’s IMDb TV service beginning early August. While positioning itself as a docuseries, the story follows a fictional character called “The Tent Mender,” a former homeless individual who seeks inner redemption by returning to the streets to help others in this plight, simultaneously hoping to heal his own brokenness.

The move to stream the documentary on IMDb TV is part of P&G’s strategy to engage customers who are “ad fatigued,” by foregoing traditional methods and instead utilizing an ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platform, a media sector which grew during the pandemic. To augment interest and engagement, consumers will have the opportunity to donate to The Midnight Mission or the Tide Loads of Hope Fund, by donating essential items.

To find out more about Tide’s strategy to increase its humanitarian impact tenfold by 2030, continue reading here: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/tide-confronts-homelessness-with-free-laundry-room-docuseries-on-imdb-tv/604583/

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