Apple Aims to Help iPhone Users Take Pet Portraits Like a Pro

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Few aptitudes have become as popular in our digital communication era as the skill to take an amazing photo of your pet and upload it to social media. What owner hasn’t succumbed to the temptation? We love to showcase our best pics of our beloved cat, dog, or pot belly pig. There’s even the chance your photogenic or funny companion might go viral. (Remember Grumpy Cat?)

In fact, statistics say the odds are roughly 113% you’ve posted a pet photo within the past twelve months. You know who you are. Now with the technology afforded to us by our camera phones, doing so is easier than ever.

Understanding this cultural trend, Apple has set out to meet the need of the amateur photographer. If you want to take pet portraits like a pro, help is here in the form of a virtual class for iPhone users.

As a part of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone ad series,” Apple’s latest ad twist features a collection of pets outfitted in stylish garb captured by photographer, Jason Nocito, all of which were shot with an iPhone 12 Pro or an iPhone 12 Pro Max, to demonstrate the quality result that can be accomplished with merely your iPhone’s built-in features.

The pets featured in the campaign were all photographed using the iPhone’s “High-Key Light Mono Portrait Lighting” portrait setting. If you didn’t even realize you had this feature, now you can step up your pet photography game and learn how to do so in the virtual class to be held on July 29th.

Hosted by Apple and taught by Nocito, you will learn a number of pet portrait basics along with a few tips and tricks. A snapshot of these include:

  • Try holding a squeaker or keys above the lens to help get your pet’s attention and eye contact.
  • If you are shooting outside, place your pet under indirect light in front of a simple wall or basic background.
  • Your pet should be placed in the center of the frame.
  • If you’re having a hard time getting your pet posed in High-Key Light Mono mode, try taking a few regular shots in Portrait mode. Afterwards, you can apply the High-Key Light Mono Mode in the edit function when you’re done photographing your pet.

If you aspire to take animal photos to help promote pet adoption, or simply wish to bring out your pet’s best glamour shot, continue reading about the Apple campaign and free pet photography virtual class here:

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