Oreo Protection Program Aims to Hide Cookies in Secret Packaging, Save Them for Mom and Dad

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Some people will go to great lengths to protect their Oreo cookies. Even disguising them with incognito packaging.

We’ve all been there at some point. You come home after a particularly stressful workday and reach for your favorite comfort snack, only to find it’s been cleaned out by someone who got to it first. Or maybe you live in a dorm or apartment with undisciplined roommates, and keeping your favorite cookie safe from “borrowers” has become an impossible task. Parents and grandparents alike have resorted to hiding goodies to keep them out of insatiable little hands.

Help is here and Oreo has sent it in the form of the “Thins Protection Program.” Under this strategy, Oreo is producing a limited number of the popular Oreo Thins cookies cloaked in disguised packaging that will throw off most perpetrators, especially the younger offenders, allowing your cookies to be safely hidden in plain sight.

Oreo has teamed up with four seemingly unlikely partners to carry out its mission, including Green Giant, Ford, Hanes, and Better Homes and Gardens. As a deterrent, you will now be able to stash your beloved sandwich cookie securely on the shelf, in a drawer, or in the fridge without worry. Because now it will appear to be a package of frozen vegetables, or the cover of a vehicle owner’s manual, perhaps a package of plain white t-shirts, or a classic cookbook. Not a bad red herring.

The obvious question is what do these organizations have in common and why are they creating secret cookie packages? The answer lies in the fact they are all working together to target the millennial parents demographic. As part of this catchy cat and mouse marketing campaign, Oreo is giving away 3,000 of these camouflaged packages on a first-come, first-served basis, which clearly display trademark images from their four partners in the secret operation.

To qualify, parents must share their favorite hiding places on Instagram or Twitter, along with the hashtag #THINSProtectionProgram. In doing so, they will also be entered to win a $25,000 grand prize. Of course, simply by saving our Oreo Thins for our own enjoyment, we come in on the winning side.

To read more details and to see photos of the clever packaging disguises, continue here: https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/to-keep-kids-away-from-parents-cookies-oreo-thins-put-other-brands-logos-on-package/?itm_source=parsely-api


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