7-Eleven to promote delivery app and celebrate the company’s anniversary with private space launch

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Slurpees in space? Yes, it’s true. 7-Eleven is launching a space-themed campaign to garner attention to their delivery service by sending up their iconic Slurpee drink into space. Now you know just how far they’re willing to go to deliver. To the outer atmosphere and beyond.

Slurpee is the exclusive brand name for 7-Eleven’s trademark beverage, a frozen carbonated drink concocted in 1966 that led to the coining of the term “brain freeze.” It comes in a number of flavors, but which one will be chosen for the designation of the first Slurpee in space?

Fans can get in on the hoopla by purchasing Slurpees between now and the big event, which will take place via privately commissioned space flight in August. Each purchase, which must be done through 7-Eleven’s delivery app, will count as a vote toward the most popular flavor. The winning Slurpee will be chosen by popular demand to take the unprecedented space flight. Fans can also qualify to win one of a select number of commemorative cups marking the occasion by placing orders on the app, cups which will have ridden on the space flight itself. Now there’s a conversation piece for your kitchen table.

The historic flight will blast off from a 7-Eleven store in Michigan, a state known as the Slurpee Capital of the US for consistently consuming the most Slurpees nationwide. A commemorative mural will be commissioned at the launch site.

The event is timed to occur in conjunction with 7-Eleven’s 94th anniversary celebration, in which the convenience store aims to “reach for the stars” by focusing on the future through promoting their delivery app that grew exponentially in popularity during the pandemic, and is becoming increasingly significant to the chain’s marketing strategy.

With this first of its kind launch, 7-Eleven is jumping in on the renewed interest in space travel, bolstered by the recent escapades of Elon Musk and Charles Branson’s Virgin Atlantic, becoming known as “the space tourism race.” 7-Eleven is not alone, as other brands have aimed to get in on the hype, including giants like Dr. Pepper and Miller Lite.

To follow 7-Eleven’s out of this world journey, read more here: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/7-eleven-to-launch-slurpee-into-space-in-a-nod-to-its-delivery-service/603218/

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