Tiktok Teams up with SiriusXM Radio to Expand Reach as Music Influencer

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The popular video platform TikTok is making further forays into music by joining forces with Sirius XM and its subsidiary, Pandora, to host its own radio channel.

The TikTok channel is expected to focus on highlighting emerging talent and trends in the music industry, bringing followers another mode of access to TikTok’s brand of content, and giving aspiring artists an additional route to exposure and potential new audiences. The move will also serve to expand TikTok’s footprint as a media influencer from their beginnings as a popular lip-sync and dance platform.

The dedicated TikTok Radio channel will debut this summer on SiriusXM, hosted by various DJs and content creators. The video sharing app has already been integral in launching careers of many musical hopefuls to record-contract status, including a significant role in promoting Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and artists like Bella Poarch and Christian Shelton.

TikTok reports that over 70 artists who started out on their platform were signed to record contracts in 2020 alone. Poarch is currently TikTok’s largest account with over 69 million followers. Shelton was featured in a Superbowl commercial that debuted earlier this year. TikTok presently has licensing deals with Sony, Universal, and Warner Music groups.

TikTok is hopeful the new format through Pandora will reach people previously unacquainted with TikTok. The channel will bring TikTok to subscribers’ automobiles, and will be reachable through SiriusXM’s app, desktop portal, and other synced devices. The move also gives way to expanded advertising possibilities through TikTok’s unique demographic. To find out more about TikTok coming to SiriusXM, keep reading here: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/tiktok-strikes-audio-deal-with-siriusxm-to-expand-reach-as-music-tastemaker/600664/