New Ad Market Niche Emerges as Remote Workers Stream Hours of Audio During the Workday

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As a growing sector of America began working from home during the pandemic, and many are remaining in remote scenarios for the foreseeable future, a powerful advertising tool is emerging for marketers to connect with this sizable and consistent audience.

Perhaps to offset the isolation of being away from other co-workers, or to simply shroud the daily noise of kids temporarily homeschooling, this large work-from-home population has been streaming music for hours on end.

While many assumed radio advertising was heavily dependent on the daily commute, it turns out listeners merely brought their favorite platform with them into the home office. And today’s audio streaming services are more popular than ever during the daily grind. Half of those streaming listeners are using an ad-supported audio service, creating a huge opportunity for brands to reach and resonate with listeners during working hours.

One study reported that many workers feel more receptive to ads while working, and nearly half of those listeners studied acted on something they heard. The message is clear. There is fertile advertising ground here for brands to zero in on their target audience by doing their market research to identify which demographic is listening where, and connect with them in meaningful ways.

Parents working from home represent a significant market sector. Research shows a whopping 80% of them are listening during the workday, and over 75% of working parents are using audio to help fill silence or drown out background noise. Parents’ top music genres include pop, rock, classic rock, and country. They also tune into podcasts that lean toward news and information, as well as technology.

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