Top Ten Youtube Trends of 2021

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2020 wasn’t bad for everyone. Fueled by lockdowns and dramatic increases in time spent indoors, YouTube’s popularity skyrocketed. And its explosive growth is only continuing.

Video became the modus operandi for connecting socially with family and friends. While meeting vehicles like Zoom and Skype prospered, so did YouTube, which now serves an astounding 2 billion users monthly. Every minute 300 new hours of video are being uploaded to the popular platform.

With its astronomical reach, marketers would do well to take a look at what’s going on in this pervasive world. Here are some of the top YouTube trends emerging in 2021.

  1. Co-Watching Events

With so many virtual events during COVID, it’s no surprise we got accustomed to tuning in together to salvage our group experiences. Soon viewing parties were popping up everywhere. It’s no fun to watch your favorite shows or sporting events alone. Watching simultaneously gives us a sense of social connection.

Now this trend is going even further: we’re seeing people tuning in to watch other people watching events — such as their favorite TV personalities or sports celebrities who are live broadcasting their own viewing of a big game. YouTube participants can see their favorite celeb’s reactions, hear their remarks, and even post comments in live chat to join the conversation.

  1. Video On the Go

Short, succinct, and entertaining videos are one of the hottest trends on YouTube. Think of the popularity of these on Instagram or Tik Tok. Imagine the staggering impact of mobile video consumption going up 100 percent every year. In an effort to capitalize on that trend, YouTube has launched several new features like “YouTube Shorts” — popular 60 second videos appealing to the “snackable content” mindset, and the “Chapters Feature” allowing viewers to skip more easily through longer videos. Ride this trend as it is expected to only get hotter during 2021.

  1. YouTube Challenges

Video creators are striving more than ever to entertain audiences, and what’s more exciting than a great head-to-head competition? People might engage in eating challenges, makeover contests, or dance offs, usually using a split screen format so viewers can watch the competitors simultaneously every step of the way. Try utilizing a split screen challenge-style theme for your next YouTube project, and watch your views increase.

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