Why COVID is Making Email Marketing King in 2021

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Email marketing is back in the spotlight and bigger than ever for 2021, thanks to its exponential growth during the pandemic propelling it back to prominence as a prime communication channel between brands and consumers. Since data shows email’s reign won’t eclipse any time soon, marketers should take a closer look at revisiting this inexpensive yet powerful media tool.

But its simplicity shouldn’t be taken for granted. A poorly structured email still has the potential to put customers off and separate them from your brand. So it’s more important than ever to devise well-strategized and thoughtfully targeted emails, to tap into this opportunity to make real and lasting connections with your audience. Here are some considerations that should stay front and center in your approach.

  1. Let insights drive email content innovation

The key is to put your message in context considering the latest trends and insights. So if you want to get people’s attention, using data is still key. While you don’t want to neglect individual-first messaging, structuring your email in light of current consumer attitudes will only help your cause. Look at factors like where is consumer spending right now, and what is of greatest concern or need to your client base at this time. Personalizing your approach while still basing it on data informed trends will go a long way toward maximizing your email campaigns.

Now more than ever customers expect more from brands than just sales. They want to know what your brand stands for, and how you are a force for the better in the world. Emails that create a sense of goodwill and social consciousness will resonate with your customers right now, and push your product into higher standing than one that doesn’t.

Building customer loyalty remains a key factor, and a deftly prepared email can be a great opportunity to accomplish this. Think of ways to find real solutions to your audience’s needs and concerns, and position yourself as a trusted expert to help them solve their challenges.

  1. Build personalization to meet an individual’s needs first, not those of the business

Now we have better data than ever to be able to do this. Utilize the detailed information acquired about your customers’ profiles as a way to better serve their individual needs and preferences. AI-based IQ informed recommendations make this objective more feasible all the time, and the results are showing up in increased engagement and higher purchase values. Tailor follow-up emails to the data you’ve learned about your consumers’ behavior, for more effective and meaningful communications.

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