SMS Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Invasive … 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use It

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Are you resisting the use of text messaging as a means to reach your clients and boost marketing objectives? You shouldn’t be. While many mistakenly fear SMS practices are too invasive and will alienate customers, the data says otherwise.

There are many reasons to take a look at SMS (short message service) marketing to see if it makes sense for your business. First of all, the messages almost always get opened. Data shows open rates are as high as 98% with SMS, compared to an industry average of 21% for emails.

Emails also face the threat of ending up in a spam or filter box. SMS systems don’t have this obstacle. So although not all your views will equate to conversions, you can be assured at least the vast majority of your audience is seeing your message.

Secondly, messages are a snap to automate through a wide variety of SMS applications that are available. You can manage sending and receiving, and quickly track and analyze data through KPI’s.

A third helpful consideration: because of its timely delivery, SMS methods are well suited for flash sales, time sensitive offers, and other urgent communications.

It’s important to bear in mind you must have legal permission from recipients to utilize text messaging, and you must provide opt-out features. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it helps focus your efforts where they will get the most results, and builds trust with your customers by giving them an element of control.

With so many possibilities available through this growing marketing resource, read more about why you should consider SMS as a part of an overall marketing strategy for your business.

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