The 7 Principles of Conversion Centered Design

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Don’t let your lack of design skills hold back your conversion potential. Learn how to think like a designer and create landing pages that not only look good but convert better.

Everyone wants landing pages that convert visitors into customers. The right language is important to grab viewers’ attention and draw them in to your message. But equally important to capturing and maintaining readers’ attention is the layout and design of your page. The right look will go a long way toward achieving your marketing objectives. That’s why whether you’re a graphic designer or not, we should all understand basic principles of good design.

Create Focus
Your page is competing for attention, so creating focus is critical. Every design element on your landing page should support one primary point or campaign goal. Giving your reader too many choices, too many buttons, and too much artistic hoopla will only confuse and distract, leading to analysis paralysis. The truth is people can only truly zero in on one idea at a time. Make it easy to see, without graphics overload or visual distractions. Make it clear and simple for their eye to move straight to your point.

Build Structure
Good design subtly guides your reader to continue scrolling through your page and leads to your main focus or objective. Build structure that will promote a natural flow. Writing down an information hierarchy can help you organize the different components you need to include in your page in the most logical order. Zone in on the most important ones to determine key sections. This exercise will help you stay focused and avoid cluttering with unnecessary content that detracts from your primary objective.

Stay Consistent
This is not the place to try new looks and styles. For branding purposes, your landing page design should seamlessly and harmoniously reflect the same fonts, colors, and styles incorporated in your website. When you stay consistent with the look of your landing page and other marketing media like your website or advertisements, your visitors are more likely to recognize you and feel better connected to your company.

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