Zoom Adds Facial Effects So You Can Look Your Weirdest During Meetings

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A Studio Effects beta feature lets you add lip color, eyebrows, and facial hair

Zoom has landed on the scene like never before — especially during the 2020 pandemic. It became a virtual lifeline for people logging in thousands of hours at home and miniscule amounts of time with outside people.

While the video conferencing platform was created to facilitate long distance meetings, it’s since become widely used for social interaction, too. Especially when keeping in touch with friends and relatives meant connecting via laptop.

Following the mass migration to remote work, some things in the business landscape have changed. Including meetings. We’re less formal these days and, well, more fun.

Remember how you weren’t supposed to draw moustaches on pictures of people’s faces? Now with Zoom’s new Studio Effects beta feature, you can add a variety of previously frowned-upon artwork to your own screen image in your meetings.

Having a bad hair day or looking bleary eyed from a few hours’ sleep? Zoom’s got you covered. Create distracting images by painting on pastel eyebrows and rainbow lip color, and no one will even notice. It could be a great ice breaker too, for otherwise nerve-racking meetings where humor could be just the trick to neutralize the mood.

Use caution, though. False moustaches might not make the best first impression if you aren’t already on solid ground with certain business contacts. Keep this in mind.

To learn more about Zoom’s latest features and making the most of your virtual meetings, go here: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/8/22273217/zoom-studio-special-effects-meeting-mustache-eyebrows-lips


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