Copywriting Tips for More Effective Landing Pages

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As we strive to convert landing page visitors into customers, there are timeless techniques based in our human psyche that despite changes in technology still ring true. Zone in on these emotional, ethical, and logical appeals to our human nature and you’ll soon be translating perusers into users.

  1. Write like a human.
    In spite of the increased use of UX and robotic communication, people still appreciate being treated like people. Use inclusive language like “we” and show how you can empathize with their problem. Present your solution as though we’re all on the same team and in this together. Because in many respects, we are. Be careful not to overdo the emotional aspect though, or you’ll risk sounding insincere.
  2. Encourage action.
    Give readers a clear direction to go and make it easy to get there. Use punchy action verbs and resist cluttering with too many adjectives. “Order here.” “Get free sample here.” “Click here to unlock your coupon.” Suggest scarcity to create urgency by using deadlines, expiration dates, and limited supply.
  3. Be clear and concise.
    Research shows in nearly every industry reading level and word count equate to higher conversion rates. As a guideline, try to stay below 300 words and aim for a middle school reading level. Keep your descriptions clean and don’t upgrade to words like “utilize” when you can say “use.” Bullet points and lists are a good alternative to paragraphs of extensive reading material.
  4. Validate your copy by using social proof.
    Letting other people sing your praises instead of you boosts your authenticity. Everybody promises results but who actually delivers them? Sourcing testimonials and sharing specific reviews goes a long way toward increasing your credibility. And it positions you as an ethical business provider your readers can trust.

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