Several SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

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SEO is constantly being updated, and 2021 is no exception. If you’re struggling to keep your business’s website at the top of search results, it’s possible that you’re making some common search engine optimization mistakes, which could be jeoardizing your marketing efforts. Here are a couple of the most popular SEO mistakes and how you can rectify them in the new year.

  • Overlooking page titles and meta descriptions

When you go into your website’s dashboard, you may notice that, by default, the meta description is blank and the page title will be listed as “home.” By leaving these neglected, you’re missing out on huge SEO opportunities. Look into modifying the titles and meta descriptions on not just your homepage, but also the rest of the pages on your site.

  • Not conducting regular audits

As we’ve mentioned, SEO is constantly changing, and your site needs to adapt to these changes in order to succeed. You need to conduct regular audits on your website to make sure everything checks out and is functioning properly. Look at load times, the checkout process, content quality, and other aspects to see how they’re all performing.

  • Cramming keywords into copy

Keywords must be used sparingly and organically in order to have a positive impact on your SEO. Ultimately, you want your content to have value instead of just hitting checkboxes. Prioritize creating quality content rather than just adding keywords.

  • Not earning backlinks

Backlinks are incredibly valuable, but they need to be earned. You want your links to appear on high-authority sites if you want to see significant results with your SEO. Avoid buying backlinks since they tend to be flagged by Google and can actually harm your site’s web presence.

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