LinkedIn Introducing “Products” Tab to Pages

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LinkedIn has recently announced that it will be adding a dedicated “products” tab to company pages, allowing businesses to start using the platform to promote their offerings.

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have long since incorporated shopping features into their platforms, which has allowed businesses to sell their products and services more easily. LinkedIn’s initiative aims to create an overview of product offerings specifically, with services being listed on a different page. These products will also have reviews, which will link back to actual LinkedIn brands or users, providing a sense of legitimacy to these endorsements.

LinkedIn has indicated that these product pages will not be able to solely display specified products. Instead, these products pages will be reserved for tangible offerings that have a manufacturer, trademarked brand name, and a name used consistently throughout the web, in addition to other attributes like logos.

Finally, products can have a targeted audience as part of their listing. Companies can add up to 10 job functions, or even list that said product is intended for anyone, allowing businesses to focus their efforts on qualified leads.

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