LinkedIn Experiments with Utilizing Ads in Stories

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No matter which social media platform you use, you’re bound to find “Stories,” which are temporary videos or photos that people add onto their profiles that disappear after 24 hours. Stories originally started on SnapChat, but eventually made their way across Instagram, Facebook, and more recently, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Many users have questioned whether Stories have a place on a professional-oriented platform such as LinkedIn, but so far, they’ve proven to be quite popular at gaining attention. That is why the social media site is currently working to incorporate ads into them. Now, when people are going through their connections’ Stories, they can expect a full-size video or single-page image ad to appear.

LinkedIn ads in general have a proven track record of success, but this is a new territory for the platform. Although Stories generate a lot of engagement on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, it will be interesting to see how they work in a more professional setting and used extensively for marketing purposes.


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