4 Vital Video Marketing Metrics to Analyze

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Out of all the various channels of digital marketing, video marketing is the one that’s currently growing at the fastest rate. If you’re not utilizing video in your marketing campaign, you’re missing out on tons of potential exposure to future customers. However, even if you’re using video marketing, it’s important that you know how to analyze it. Below you will find the four most important metrics to consider in your video marketing campaign.

View Count

One of the most basic metrics in any video marketing campaign is the view count, which is how many times the video has been viewed. The more people that view your video, the better chances of capturing leads. This can help you determine if your video is getting in front of enough people or if you need to tweak your SEO strategy to reach a wider audience.


Engagement can mean many things in digital marketing, but with video, it typically means how long someone watched. Some platforms will break down the length of time people stayed on the video while others will only record engagement as people who watched the first 20 seconds or so. In this fast-paced world, people will want something quick and easy-to-digest, so it’s crucial that you add your most important bullet points to the beginning of the video, or that you at least make those first 20 seconds engaging and very attention-grabbing.

Play Rate

Play rate combines engagement and view count. Play rate is the percentage of people who actually clicked on the video to watch it rather than it just being viewed on a sidebar ad or in the middle of a social media feed. This metric can tell you how interesting your ad is, whether your ad is relevant to keywords you’re using, and if the ad is in the prime location.

Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate shows the percentage of people who clicked the call-to-action divided by the amount of impressions (view count). So if 10 people viewed your video but only 1 clicked the call-to-action, then you have a 1 percent click-through rate. This metric can help you craft the perfect call-to-action to generate the most conversions per impressions.

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