Hulu Offering Self-Service Ads for Small Businesses

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, video streaming services have seen a major increase in usage over the past few months. In order to capitalize on this high rate of viewer traffic, and to give small businesses a boost with their marketing, Hulu is launching the beta for a self-service ads manager.

Hulu (owned by Disney) is known for catering to the larger budgets of major companies with its ad platform. However, the organization has realized that small and medium-sized businesses with modest budgets deserve a shot at reaching millions of potential users.

With its newest ads manager, business owners and digital marketers will be able to activate, manage, and track ad campaigns on the Hulu platform. The minimum ad spend will be $500, which is within the means of most small businesses, but once results begin to show, Hulu predicts that budgets for its ads will be much higher due to their prominence on the platform.

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