How Does Facebook’s New Page Design Impact Digital Marketing?

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Facebook is currently testing a new page design that removes the emphasis on likes and instead puts focus on followers and other essential information.

In the past, when a user looked at a branded Facebook page, they would see basic information such as the name and Like count. The new page design will feature a larger profile picture and much more legible text. You’ll also notice that, rather than Like count, you’ll instead see the amount of followers a page has.

One of the other big changes that comes with the new page design is the call-to-action button. Originally, a large blue Like button would be the central call-to-action that you’d see when clicking onto the page. Now, you’ll instead see a Follow button.

What’s the difference between Likes and Followers?

When you “Like” a Facebook page, you automatically start following it, which means that you’ll be able to see the page content on your feed. Some people who like Facebook pages may unfollow them, which reduces the amount of overall people seeing your content. Facebook’s layout revamp will make “following” the default option in hopes that pages will see much better engagement in the future.

In addition to these changes, many more updates are in the works behind the scenes. One such feature is the ability to seamlessly switch between personal pages and business pages for overall more efficient page management. You’ll also find it much easier to assign new admins to your pages and designate page roles with just a few button pushes.

Keep an eye out for these changes on your Facebook app in the coming weeks!

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