Instagram Adds In-Platform Shopping Feature to Encourage E-Commerce

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Brands using Instagram to promote their products and services is nothing new, but now, users can actually make purchases right on the platform due to Instagram’s newest integration.

Companies now have the ability to add a “shop” button to their Instagram pages, which allows users to buy products without having to leave the platform. While this may seem like a small step forward, it can help alleviate a major problem in e-commerce: convenience. That extra few seconds it takes someone to leave the Instagram app to visit a company’s site can be the difference between someone making a sale or not.

To make the feature more efficient for both shoppers and companies, the shop feature will highlight products and provide recommendations based on the accounts certain users follow. This kind of targeting has proven to be successful on other social media platforms, such as Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), and it’s expected to eventually see the same amount of success on Instagram.

With this new shop option, more retailers are expected to turn to Instagram as part of their digital marketing efforts.

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