7 Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Business

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The great thing about social media marketing is that there are numerous ways to leverage it to benefit your business, no matter what your industry or sector. Below are just 7 ideas to get you started with reinvigorating your business’s social media marketing strategy.

  1. Join LinkedIn groups

Not only should your business have an active LinkedIn profile, but you should also be equally as active on your personal page as well. Join groups related to your industry and connect with like-minded people. Build a relationship with fellow entrepreneurs so that you can create a network of thought leaders and potentially build your customer base.

  1. Follow the competition

What are other businesses in your sector or industry doing that proves to be successful? Follow their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get an idea of their social media marketing strategy. While you don’t want to outright steal any ideas, it never hurts to be inspired by their strategies.

  1. Utilize social media management tools

Handling multiple social media profiles can be hectic and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are numerous social media management tools you can use to help you keep an eye on everything from one user-friendly dashboard. Two prominent programs are Hootsuite and SocialReport.

  1. Reward customers for sharing content

You want customers to share your content to generate interest for your brand. A good way to do this is to encourage them to share via an incentive program. Offer a discount or a promo code to customers that share specific posts.

  1. Utilize hashtags

Hashtags began gaining popularity on Twitter, but now, you can utilize them on virtually any social media platform. Use hashtags related to your industry or sector when posting so that you’re more likely to pick up potential followers.

  1. Jump on trending topics

While looking at hashtags to use, make sure to check out trending topics related to your business model. Find a way to incorporate these trending topics into your marketing message and watch as it gets picked up by the social media algorithm that could potentially show it to a larger audience.

  1. Use the 10-4-1 rule

The 10-4-1 rule indicates that for every 15 social media posts, 10 should be other people or brands’ content, 4 should be your own blog, and 1 should be a landing page to generate conversions, whether it’s a sale or simply a lead. Using this strategy will help improve your brand without worrying about flooding your followers with incessant sales pitches.

These are only 7 strategies. You can find 10 more ideas here: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/17-creative-social-media-marketing-ideas-to-energize-your-online-presence/581443/