YouTube Adding More Ads to Help Digital Content Creators

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Everyone is familiar with YouTube ads, but you might not be aware of how they work. According to YouTube’s video monetization policy, a video needs to be at least 10 minutes long in order to place an ad, which is how video content creators make money. This is why so many influencer videos go past the 10-minute mark. However, YouTube is planning to change this policy to allow shorter videos to be monetized.

Recent data indicates that YouTube advertising rates have dropped by approximately 50% since February 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to make up for these losses, YouTube is now automatically adding mid-roll ads to all videos that are at least 8 minutes in length. This is expected to increase the ad-load on YouTube, which not only benefits creators, but also YouTube’s revenue overall.

There are concerns of people getting annoyed by the extra ads, but the change is meant to be as non-distruptive as possible. As this new policy rolls out, time will tell if this helps generate revenue for creators and advertisers.

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