New Mobile Video Format Changes the Game

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Ever since the introduction of smartphones, online video viewing has never been the same. Thanks to our phones, we can watch videos in vertical or horizontal format, allowing us to see things from our preferred perspective. However, there has yet to be a format that lets you switch the video perspective seamlessly between vertical and horizontal.

Until now.

Recently, the mobile platform Quibi unveiled a new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This new program, dubbed Turnstyle, is believed to revolutionize the mobile video viewing experience and differentiate itself from competitors such as Snapchat or Instagram.

The video works by allowing creators to film a video with a landscape lens and one with a portrait lens. Then, Turnstyle stitches the two videos together and uses a single audio track between them. That way, there are no audio problems during the encoding and packaging process. It all comes down to the delivery on the phone.

What does that mean for creators and consumers?

According to Quibi, which will be launching its app in April 2020, this will allow people, especially Hollywood studios, to create various perspectives and deliver different experiences to consumers.

In a landscape environment, you get a better grasp of the entire environment and what characters are interacting with. In a vertical point-of-view, you are getting more of an intimate perspective. Overall, this is meant to fully immerse viewers into the app, so that they’re not just watching a video, they’re experiencing it.

The Quibi app is aiming to create fully customizable content for its subscribers. The more you use the app, the more it will be tailored to your interests.

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