Avoid These Audiences in Your PPC Campaigns

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PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a staple of any digital marketing campaign, no matter which industry you’re in. When building your PPC campaign, you want to carefully target a precise audience so that you are not wasting clicks on people who are unlikely to turn into potential paying customers. Here are a couple of audiences to exclude when creating a PPC campaign.

Job Seekers

Unless you are specifically creating PPC campaigns to find new employees, you want to filter out audiences that are primarily searching for jobs. You can identify job-seekers by creating a URL-based audience for your site’s Career section, tracking the clicks to that page as an event on Google Analytics, then creating an exclusionary audience in your ad software so that your future ads will not target those people.

Support Seekers

If someone is searching for support, they may already be your customers looking for help instead of shopping for products. Similar to the job seekers strategy mentioned above, you want to track people searching for the support section of your site, then exclude them from your PPC campaign to avoid wasting paid clicks on non-customers.

Current Customers

Some businesses will want to exclude their current customers, but it depends on the service and products you offer. If you want to upsell customers on additional features, then you can create a specific audience targeting these current clients. However, if you are targeting product or service A, you want to exclude current customers if it does not apply to them or if they already purchased them.

It is just as important to identify who you don’t want to target as much as the people you do want to target. Make sure you are utilizing exclusionary audiences in your targeting so that you are maximizing the impact of your campaign.

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