Tips for Reddit Social Media Marketing

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When people think of social media marketing, Reddit may not be the first platform they consider. However, for many businesses, this site can be a valuable component of your digital marketing campaign.

Millions of people access Reddit’s 130,000 active communities each day, and given how active people are on these forums, you would be wise to dedicate a portion of your marketing strategy to this site. The question is: how would you go about it?

With Reddit, you will have to work slightly differently than other social media platforms, mainly because Reddit focuses on discussions. You can’t just start posting links to your product or service and hope for the sales to come in. You need to build up your profile, which you can do the following ways:

  • First, you should pick subreddits in which to participate. Look for things in your niche and where you can provide valuable insight.
  • Be honest and authentic with your contributions. As you answer questions and participate in discussions, you are building up your image as a thought-leader and a reliable source of information in a particular area.
  • Every once in a while, you can post a link to your services or products if you feel like you can assist with other users’ problems. Do it sparingly; you do not want to come off as solely a solicitor.
  • You can create your own posts to promote discussions. Post a question or topic that is sure to generate a lot of feedback from the community, then use the gathered information to further enhance your marketing strategy, or to improve upon your products or services.

Reddit is a mostly untapped market for many businesses, but that is because they are unaware of how to properly utilize it to their advantage. By following the aforementioned tips, you can become a Reddit marketing whiz and potentially maximize your business’s reach.

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