4 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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There is no single “key” to a successful B2B marketing strategy. Depending on your industry and who you are marketing to, you need to configure your strategy appropriately to cater to your target demographic. However, in the world of B2B marketing, it’s necessary that you make your own campaigns stand out among the competition. How do you do that? Take a look at the list of tips below.

Utilize Graphics

Consumers in any industry do not always want to be inundated with blocks of text. You need to spice up your content with some graphics. The more creative, the better. These graphics can be incorporated into your content marketing within articles, and you can also create images that can be shared on social media. Visual content is key in today’s marketing atmosphere.

Be Cheesy

A good sense of humor goes a long way in the world of business. Don’t be afraid to post corny jokes, bad puns, or wacky pictures. This not only creates a positive image to your consumers, but it also humanizes  your brand and makes you stand out as more than just a faceless entity. It’s important to have fun at work some times; let this same principle apply to your marketing campaigns.

Poke Fun at Yourself

No company is perfect. Rather than trying to create the illusion that your business is flawless, learn to embrace your shortcomings and use them to your advantage. If you make a typo in some copy, post a follow-up poking fun at it and emphasizing the importance of making mistakes. Post your team’s headshots with a funny filter. Create a parody of your business or your logo and have people vote for their favorite on social media.

Embrace Pop Culture

Everyone loves a good pop culture reference. In today’s world, there are plenty of movies, television shows, and books filled with inside jokes and quotes. Depending on your industry and the message you want to portray, find a related pop culture moment and use it in your campaign.

B2B marketing doesn’t have to solely consist of blocks of text. By having fun with your brand and incorporating the ideas above, you are more likely to attract followers (and potential customers) by showcasing your more creative side.

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