4 Great Halloween-Themed Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Whenever a major holiday rolls around, you want to configure your digital marketing strategy to fit the theme. With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to take a look at some brands that knocked it out of the park with their previous social media campaigns on this holiday, and what other companies can learn from them.

Hershey’s – DIY Videos

Two years ago, beloved chocolate candy creator Hershey’s (who already does extremely well during Halloween season) released a series of DIY videos that showed the audience how to turn chocolate into holiday-themed party favors. This approach was not only showing off the brand’s products, but it also provided value to the viewers.

Disney World – Behind-the-Scenes Content

Disney World took social media by storm back on Halloween of 2017 by posting a time-lapse video that showcased the process of transforming the theme park into a Halloween-themed land. This fun video demonstrated to the audience all the hard work that the company put into making the park fit the theme of the holiday.

Wish – Personal Posts

One of the hallmarks of Halloween is decorating your home, both inside and out. eCommerce retailer Wish posted a photo of a Halloween-themed child’s bedroom that generated a huge amount of interest on social media. What made this post so popular was that the brand wasn’t just pushing its products; it was presenting a concept for followers to relate to on a personal level. These kinds of posts allow you to build rapport with your audience, which will help build brand loyalty across your consumer base.

Boohoo – Humor

Social media marketing should be fun once in a while. UK retailer Boohoo understands this when employing the use of humorous memes and photos in their campaigns. Around the holidays, especially Halloween, there is plenty of content that can be converted into fun memes. Create funny posts that align with your company’s brand and customer base, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of engagement that will follow.

Social media marketing allows companies to be creative in their approach to reaching consumers. With several holidays almost back-to-back this time of year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), it would be wise to look into how you can modify your social media to capitalize on the season and make it work in your favor.

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