When it comes to influencer marketing, one-size-fits-all is not the way to go. Social media influencers are the hottest trend to hit advertising in the last few years. Whether you’re building an influencer marketing campaign with YouTubers, bloggers, Instagram influencers, or an emerging social media channel, the first step to getting started is picking the right…Continue Reading “Four Rules to Successfully Scale Influencer Campaigns”

Privacy watchdog says data sharing scheme is ‘an infringement of national data protection law.’ A German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to stop collecting user data from its messenger app WhatsApp and to delete all data that has already been forwarded to it. This privacy pushback comes as WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for…Continue Reading “Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data in Germany”

How Brands Can Respond to Myths about Millennial Consumers Millennials might be the most stereotyped generation of all. But the truth is, America’s largest generation is more varied than most people believe. Recent research has been proving that the wide age span in this group (18-34) created marked buying differences between the younger and older…Continue Reading “Three Stereotypes to Avoid when Marketing to Millennials”

Mid-Roll Commercial Breaks Are Becoming More Common in Digital Videos Social media platforms are trying to figure out whether mid-roll video ads, just like TV commercials, could be more accepted. This comes as publishers are showing more interest in introducing traditional-style TV breaks to digital. Pre-roll has been shown to be a widely loathed format,…Continue Reading “We Interrupt This Stream: Mid-Roll Video Ads Are Taking Off”

Advertisers can soon tailor campaigns based on the content Snapchat users consume Snapchat will soon offer advertisers a more sophisticated targeting capability with the introduction of a new behavioral targeting tool. The company’s director of revenue operations Clement Xue revealed the company will roll out the new targeting capabilities in September 2016. Advertisers will be…Continue Reading “Snapchat to Launch Behavioral Targeting”

The ‘Me’ Generation Has Become the ‘We’ Generation Millennial moms have been considered a niche group, but are recently becoming more prevalent and more powerful as companies around the world begin marketing directly to them. If a brand can position itself as a trusted adviser that can help them navigate this new area in their…Continue Reading “4 Ways Brands Can Use Empathy to Connect With Millennial Moms”

Shoppers’ most valuable asset isn’t their dollars, it’s their attention  Retailers have consistently been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to using data to create better experiences for customers. Although more than 70% of U.S. consumers say they prefer to buy from physical stores, the pressure to adapt more seamlessly to the digital…Continue Reading “Must Know Trends Radically Reshaping Shopper Marketing”

4 steps to start running an effective social media campaign Measuring the results of social media advertising can be incredibly tricky. However, with proper objectives and a clear plan, paid ads on social media can help drive purchases and signups, and also allow you to learn more about your target audience—specifically what resonates with them…Continue Reading “The Definitive Guide to Measuring Your First Paid Social Campaign”

Pinterest Lifts Affiliate Link Ban after Improving Spam Detection Technology   About a year after Pinterest banned affiliate links, the social photo curation site decided to begin allowing them again. The company banned affiliate links after users complained of spam and redirects, causing “irrelevant Pins in feeds, broken links, and other spammy behavior.” Even though…Continue Reading “Pinterest Just Brought Back a Big Way for Its Users to Make Money”

Focus on the competition and then do something different What strategies are the best in marketing today? If asked, “Should companies be customer-oriented?”, the conventional answer would be yes. Why would you ever want to discourage an organization from being customer focused? While this may be an important aspect to implement, it is certainly not…Continue Reading “Why Being Customer Oriented Isn’t the Best Marketing Strategy”

Facebook is changing its algorithm yet again, and this time it wants to show you more things that you’ll actually spend time reading or watching. Many factors go into helping the social network determine which News Feed items appear first on a user’s page—such as liking, commenting, and sharing– but until now, it hasn’t cared too…Continue Reading “Facebook Might Finally Kill ‘Clickbait’ with New Algorithm Tweaks”