Facebook launches ‘Advanced Measurement’ so advertisers can compare whether Facebook is more effective than its rivals

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Facebook announced it’s rolling out a service called “Advanced Measurement” to all advertisers. This will allow them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns across Facebook’s properties versus how they performed on competitor sites and apps.

Advanced Measurement is part of Facebook’s self-service, business-manager software advertisers already use to manage their campaigns. The tool crunches numbers on Facebook, Instagram and publisher promos to help advertisers better understand how efficient their media spending is across platforms. In addition to business manager, advertisers also get monthly reports about their campaigns.

The Advanced Measurement tool will be available to advertisers via the Business Manager section of the Facebook site. It uses technology from the Atlas ad server and measurement platform Facebook acquired from Microsoft in 2013.

It works by using a measurement tag to track users as they cross around the web and apps and from one device to another. Facebook users often log into the platform using different devices, so the tool has reliable first-party data about whether people who saw an ad for a product on one device checked it out on another. It also claims to offer advertisers a more accurate measure about the reach of their campaigns because it can rule out duplicates — users who may have seen an ad multiple times across different devices.

The tool is the latest example of how Facebook continues to try to step up its measurement game for advertisers after it was revealed last year that it significantly inflated video metrics.


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